Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Release: Cyanide Valentine - The Three Sides of the Cyanide Valentine

"Nooooooooo!" she exclaimed.

My mother was petrified. In all my 22 months of existence, I had never seen her so petrified before. I mean, there was this one time I picked up my brother's 3-foot long samurai sword because my Sgt Slaughter action figure needed a new weapon ever since I stuffed his plastic AK47 into my gerbil's butt (critter wasn't exercising). So my mum was chopping vegtables, and saw me pick it up, and said, "Son, please watch the vase. And you do like capsicums, right love?" I nodded.

But somehow, it was different this time. She had the look to melt a thousand pigeons. And it was fascinating. I stared at her. Looked at the ball of shit in my hand. Looked back at her.

"No rose?" I said.

Nooo!" she reiterated. In one precise swoop, she scooped up the ball and replaced it with a copy of The Cyanide Valentine's debut.

"Now son, this is a rose. One of the sweetest roses you will have this year. Okay?"

I looked at the disc. It didn't seem as gooey, but other than that I couldn't really tell the difference between this and the ball I had in my hand a moment ago. The cover was merely a paler shade of green. The band's name wasn't too distant either. And the song titles were pretty similar too. But I trusted her. So I popped this into my player, picked up my copy of Curious George Smells His Own Bum, and went to bed. As always, mother was right.

To download The Three Sides of the Cyanide Valentine for free, click here.

Track list:

1. MegaFauna
2. The Supervillains
3. Nosferatu
4. Neon Skyhustler
5. Neanderthals
6. Nice and Horrorshow
7. Sugar Coma
8. Amphetamina
9. Ghosts of Boston
10. The Sweetest Season
11. Milk In The Gutter
12. The Reprise

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