Thursday, February 7, 2008

Paramore Live in KL?

I am not sure how this could possibly be news to anyone other than to a selected few people I know that reside at the belly of the city, but there's a karaoke singer in Penang that has been singing about female-fronted emo band putting up a show here in our backyard, soon.

While I normally never trust anything related to karaoke, this particular singer could burp Godzilla's roar when I asked her to after buying her a beer. If the significance of this is clueless to you, it means that we should just dismiss our world leaders and unite as one country under her. Because seriously, who needs leadership skills when you can roar like the king of lizards?

Paramore - Franklin (from All We Know is Falling)

1 comment:

Ashley said...

OMG! are Paramore coming to KL!?
OMG! do u think they will comt to singapore too? do u know when they are coming and where the venue is?

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