Saturday, February 9, 2008

Fad of the land: Spin goes digital

Any non-whiz will tell ya that music mag sales aren't exactly racking up the platinums. So while Paste tried to counter the trend last year by offering a free 12-month subscription, Spin has made their own venture into freebie-topia by putting their entire magazine online for the next 12 months. Amping up the "wow" factor, the paperless version features links to band sites, videos, audio samples and even sponsor homepages.

Very cutting edge indeed. The idea of course, not the mag, which is about as cutting edge as my two-month-old niece's milk teeth. But yes, such an avant garde idea has got me thinking: when would be the right time for my magazine Mongoose Monthly to go digital? I've already had 1,800 letters from overworked mongooses worldwide, asking for an online equivalent to their favourite hunting guide. Like, check this letter out:

"Dear guru guy,

I dig your rag. Totally, dude, I do. But the other day, a king cobra doozied up to my nest the other day, right in the middle of my mid-afternoon romp with Darla. I remembered your September issue had a section on brewing the gnarliest cobra stew, so I turned over to pick up my copy of Mongoose Monthly, only to find out that snake face had already chomped it up! Good thing my Magnum .357 was loaded. In the end, we had to roast the scaly prick. My kids are tired of roast, dude. If you go digital, my family won't have to suffer like this anymore! Totally, consider it. My Blackberry's already prepped for yo momma's latest recipe.

Yours truly,


Mika Miko - Oh, Head Spin! (from C.Y.S.L.A.B.F.) [BUY]

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