Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Word for the Week: Rat


It's the Year of the Rat. No, it's not International Olivier Martinez Year. Nor are we commemorating the Black Death (unless you're into celebrating the 674th anniversaries of events). It's just one of those Chinese zodiac calendar things. Y'know: food, family, firecrackers, ferrets doing the limbo on your drunk grandma's coffee table, Friar Tuck dripping wax on the Seven Dwarfs' eyebrows while Snow White folds samosas. Boring, tradional stuff, really.

Pearl Jam - Rat (from USA 1994 LIVE)
If Eddie is right, then humans suck more than rats. In which case, my implanted whiskers are lookin' mighty fine now.

Modest Mouse - I Came As A Rat (from The Moon and Antarctica)
Oh I get it! A band with "mouse" in its name was once another like-furred rodent! Just like how Stone Temple Pilots were once powderpuff firemen right?

The Boomtown Rats - Rat Trap (from Tonic For The Troops)
Man, these band-song title associations have gotta stop.

Mogwai - Ratts of the Capital (from Happy Songs for Happy People)
You gotta treat this nine-minuter like a teenager: let him give the silent treatment, because nothing so inherently propulsive can shut up for long.

Outkast - Rats & Roaches (single)
Andre 3000 can't decide which critter he digs more. I vouch for 'em kookarachas; they fit into the samosas better.

Badly Drawn Boy - Year Of The Rat (from One Plus One Is One)
So Damon, ummm... the gongs, yeah I see the cultural reference. The kiddy choir? Sure, why not. But the music box? Did Chairman Mao have a little red one by his bedside that cranked Kylie 24-7?

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Oats said...

What about Modest Mouse's King Rat?

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