Friday, February 15, 2008

Butterfingers release new video

After four and a half years, Malaysia's icons of mod rock Butterfingers return with '1000 Tahun (Aku Mahu Hidup)', the first released song (firmly translated as '1000 Years (I Want to Live)') from their upcoming sixth studio album Kembali (again solidly translated to Return). And after all the anxiety I went through to the point of shaving my neighbour's poodle, smelling my rabbit's armpits, and cross-breeding my calculator with my Spongebob mug, the payoff is...


Aaaaaiiiii... dunno. I mean, the guitar warbles and reverbed twangs are neat and all. And yes, I smell a sister to 'The Chemistry (Between Us)'s riff somewhere in the chorus. But the nostalgic fart I am, I still like my Emmett channelling Kurt and my Loque replicating Cobain and my Loco reimagining Mr Courtney Love and my Kadak building on Dave Grohl's ex-frontman. Yeah, I love variety.

Ah well. There's supposedly a new song coming out every month till the album's release in August. Let's wait and see. Meanwhile, endure the video, which is about as VMA-worthy as your uncle's family reunion, "wave to the camera!", "say something even though you've got nine sausages in your mouth!" clip. Like, watch out, BAFTAs.

Butterfingers - Taman Tasik Perdana (from Selamat Tinggal Dunia)

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You know what's odd... said...

Do you realize that this page is a googlewhack? Seriously who would of thought that rabbit armpits would be an actual used phrase!

Well done you whackers!!

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