Friday, February 22, 2008

New Release: Hanne Hukkelberg - Rykestrasse 68

You know why we're still calling an album released in 2006 as a new release? It's not because it's being re-released in the States in March. It's not because it's by a doll-faced Norwegian pixie who has the voice of a siren. And it's not because she's got a song called 'The Pirate', and the mere thought of her has got my shipmates carting the rum onto our sloop and plotting the route to those rocky Greek isles, convinced that "Hanne Hukkelberg" is a thinly veiled anagram for "Persephone", and that any impending shipwreck is inconsequential in the light of seeing her croon us into eternal damnation.

So you wanna know why? You really wanna know why? Huh, punk???

Ummm. For all of the above reasons. Sue me.

1. Berlin
2. A Cheater's Armoury
3. The Pirate
4. Fourteen
5. The North Wind
6. Obelix
7. Break My Body
8. Ticking bomb
9. Pynt

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